Commercial Window Cleaning

First impressions of your business on guests, clients and staff are highly important. You may not notice the gradual build-up of dirt on your windows but others will. We can offer window cleaning contracts at a great price.

Assuring you of a quality service

We provide commercial window cleaning services to various organisations throughout Essex and London areas. Having 10 years established experience in the industry we offer cleaning support services to clients across a range of sectors, including facilities management companies, property maintenance companies, local authorities, leisure complexes, care homes and various other commercial organisations.


Commercial window cleaning

Why Choose Us?

* Fully insured with public liability insurance

* We do a fully documented risk assessment to identify any hazards

* Health and safety environment approved

* Uniformed, professional staff

* Reach and wash window cleaning, using pure water technology

About the Reach and Wash System


Everyone has the right to work safely, and that includes window cleaners. For decades, working at height was simply accepted as an occupational hazard of the window cleaning industry. Reach & wash systems allow windows to be cleaned safety from the ground using long reaching telescopic poles. A soft bristled brush is used to scrub the dirt off the glass, while jets of pure water rinse the windows after. The pure water we supply has no impurities, it dries to a spot-free finish leaving no marks behind once dried naturally on it's own. By using the reach & wash system modern window cleaning is no longer the dangerous job it once was..


Safety is the most important benefit of the reach & wash system, however it's not the only reason. The reach & wash system can clean windows up to the height of 50ft, well beyond the reach of ladders, and is much safer, more efficient and totally environmentally friendly then other methods of working at height.


Our systems conform to recognised industry standards such the European CE Mark.

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